Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band

The Harlequin Dynamite Band are a oddball collective of musicians, writers, artists and performers from Liverpool. Made up of members of The Kazimier Collective, Stealing Sheep, Barberos and countless other art, performance and musical projects.

The Harlequins' lineup, repertoire and existence has shifted and shuddered, expanded and become more vivid and distinctive over the last few years, taking their unique blend of melodious, tribal, krunked out party grooves to venues and spaces all over the UK, whether in guerilla busking manoeuvres, commission based art-performance projects or cramming all together for gigs and festivals to present their gypsy – orchestral – heavily dancable stage show.

The band has been been toured various festivals over the last few years both independently and also backing up Stealing Sheep, making appearances at Beacons, Lattitude, Festival No.6, Croissant Neuf and more.

please contact : harlequindynamite@gmail.com for all inquiries

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