Harlequin Dynamite Commissions

Members of the Harlequin Dynamites have also been involved in a number of art house performance based shows, commissions and experiential performances. 

We are currently working on two commissions, one for OPEN CULTURE's LIGHTNIGHT festival on the 15th of May 2015, and another for Gone In 20 Minutes, to be performed at a number of festivals throughout the UK over the summer.

Sound Battle - May 2014

A commission from Liverpool's OPEN CULTUREUsing sound to light technology, in a collaboration with local artist Hannah Bitowski and creative lighting & sound designer Charles Pethica, an outdoor street theatre piece was created based around the band's abstract interpretation of the theme; the centenary of the First World War.  Costume, formation and original music were used in this performance.

      10710404_726027290779908_4066423971894997973_o (2).jpg

Feasts of Fantasia - September 2012
A co-production between Tilt Dance, Costumologists and members of Harlequin Dynamite. Performed during a 7 course feast at the Kazimier Gardens.

'An artistic, theatrically led dining experience in which the fateful charms and dark curiosities of the tales of The Brothers Grimm were realised through a seven course feast, live soundtrack, setting, costume and performance.'

These piano pieces were composed and recorded by Lucy Mercer and Simon Knighton and used in recorded form to soundtrack parts of the evenings performance.

Atalonia - October 2011
An immersive tour combining recorded and live music, contemporary dance, audio visual elements and large purpose built sets. This event was part-commissioned by AND Festival.

'Atalonia Tours take a new step in human exploration, deep beyond travelled boundaries through the earth’s crust down into a Hollow Earth.'

This piece was composed and recorded by Lucy Mercer, Simon Knighton and Martin Smith, then performed by the full 12 piece marching band during the week long run of the show.

Into the Darkling Wood - March 2011

Presented by Tilt with initial funding from Liverpool City Council. Performed at The Kazimier by 6 piece contemporary dance group with live musical performance as part of LEAP Dance Festival Liverpool.

'The story of the magical inhabitants of the Darkling Wood, presented as an immersive piece through installations, original live music and contemporary dance.'

Initially composed and Recorded by Lucy Mercer, Simon Knighton and Martin Smith, the piece was then reproduced as a live musical performance by Lucy Mercer, Simon Knighton,Martin Smith, Laura Spark, Alan Wright, Adam Millington.

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